*NSYNC together again to receive Hollywood Walk Of Fame star
Entertainment Tonight

It ain't no lie, baby hi, hi, hi! Die hard *NSYNC fans— get ready to finally see your favorite boyband, *NSYNC  all together again. All five members will get back together again for an album anniversary and a well-deserved recognition. 

Entertainment Tonight broke the news that the band will to receive a Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2017 at a yet-to-be determined date. The band is also set to re-release their albums on vinyl, including a 20th anniversary edition of their Home for Christmas album.

"We're doing something [special].I don't know if I can announce it yet," Lance Bass teased in an interview with ET. 

As of right now, there are no plans on reuniting on the musical side of things–but true *NSYNC fans can only hope. They have not been on tour since 2002, which is also when they announced their hiatus. 

Shortly after it was announced that they would be receiving the star, the band tweeted "We always appreciate the love and excitement from our fans unfortunately Lance’s comments to the press were taken out of context."

Luckily fans of *NSYNC have some cool new things to look forward to along with Justin Timberlake's solo work, as well as seeing Lance Bass on Fox's My Kitchen Rules. We'll keep you updated on any further news concerning *NSYNC right here on AXS!