Oddnesse feature new single, 'Scream,' officially released today
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LA-based musician, Oddnesse, has recently dropped her new single, "Scream," via Noisey and Beats1 Radio, and has received some other blog love with recent support from Spotify. Her previous single, "Somewhere Somehow," has received quite a bit of support from Spotify, landing the 'Fresh Finds" and "New Indie" playlists, with both having a combined 1 million subscribers. Oddnesse averages 6,000 streams a day, which is quite a feat for a small, very new and independent artist.

With her self-titled debut EP officially released today, Oddnesse has decided to feature "Scream" on AXS to celebrate. 

With the excitement and anticipation of her EP and single release, Oddnesse shared exclusively with AXS, that she feels "very fortunate that I’ve had support in bringing these records to life, and that the support has been collaborative and in service to my vision. As a female artist, there’s a perception that if you work with a producer it’s because your talents are less than. People assume you have no ideas and abilities, that you’re just a voice and a face and maybe some lyrics. And often, being heard by a male producer can be tricky (I’ve been there)."

Stay tuned for more music coming from Oddnesse here.