On The Circuit: Los Angeles rapper Dumbfoundead gets candid during The Yikes! Tour

Being on tour isn't easy—but Los Angeles-based rapper Dumbfoundead makes it look that way. Before he headed out on his biggest tour yet—The Yikes! Tour, AXS hung out with Dumbfoundead and DJ Zo, his tour DJ of more than 10 years in Dumb's Koreatown studio, and spent the day with him and his crew at the Fonda Theatre—one of the beginning stops of the tour.

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"When I am on tour I'm just escaping all of the bullshit," Dumbfoundead tells AXS. "I don't have to look at one bill. You know what I mean? I don't have to look at nothing. I've been touring for about 12 years, and a lot of artists can't say that. I think for me, which is tough, when you've been making albums for that long and you have like six albums under your belt, how do you choose which songs you want to perform and cram it into an hour? That's been the tough part for me. There's generations of fans."

Take a look at AXS' newest On The Circuit with Dumbfoundead above, and check back here for all upcoming Dumbfoundead news.