On The Circuit: Watch COIN prepare for their headlining show at LA's Fonda Theatre

When COIN frontman Chase Lawrence told AXS, "Nothing has changed, but everything has," he was speaking poetically, yet accurately. The Nashville indie pop band has shown fast and linear growth, piquing listeners' interests with debut tracks like "Run" and "Atlas" before designing a full sonic rollercoaster ride with their sophomore album How Will You Know If You Never Try.

Boosted by the smash hit "Talk Too Much," the four-piece now perform to an impassioned fanbase who queue up hours before shows, sometimes bearing personalized cakes. Yet with the fervor, the band maintains its initial function of writing and performing the songs that are true, and good, to them.

AXS recently spent the day with COIN as they warmed up for their headlining show at the Fonda Theatre in Hollwood. Check out the video above to step into the wild world of COIN.