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Early Saturday morning as the city began to awaken, a crowd of people was already gathering outside of Playstation Theater for the second night of ONE OK ROCK’s concerts in New York City.  Friday night’s show was exciting and full of energy so fans expected and equally amazing night.  Once the doors opened, everyone crowded onto the venue floor and waited for the first band to take the stage.  Palisades, a post-hardcore band from New Jersey, opened up the show.  With their fast-tempo and heavy bass sound mixed in with nice melodies, the band had a great sound that complemented the tour.  The next band up was Set It Off.  The pop-punk played a light and fun set and even broke out a trumpet, showcasing some of the band member’s musical roots.   

After much anticipation ONE OK ROCK finally took the stage.  The band started with Bombs Away and right away the energy of the audience increased tenfold.  The fans can be heard singing along to every song especially favorites like Clock Strikes and I Was King.  Towards the middle of the concert, vocalist Taka took the time to honor Chester Bennington of Linkin Park as they were supposed to be touring together this summer.  The crowd became silent and somber as they listened to a beautiful cover of Linkin Park’s One More Light.  After a moment of silence the band continued with Take What You Want and the audience gave it their all to sing.  Taka left the stage while the rest of the band remained.  Members Toru, Ryota, and Tomoya showed off their instrumental skills, playing to flashing lights and the crowds screams.  Taka returned to the stage to sing The Beginning, one of only two songs from their previous Japanese releases.  The concert hit its climax with Mighty Long Fall which got the crowd surging forward and head-banging.  The last song was the powerful song We Are where the crowd and the band sang together as they finished off the set and the lights dimmed.  It wasn’t long after that the band returned to the stage for an encore song, American Girls.  The pop rock song ended the concert on a bright and happy note and left fans smiling, making it a fun ending to and overall great show. 

This was the second time this year that ONE OK ROCK toured the U.S. and fans can’t seem to get enough of them.  Even with two back to back shows, the bands and the fans continued to show their energy, excitement, and love for the music that is being shared.



Bombs Away
Taking Off
Clock Strikes
Bedroom Warfare
Bon Voyage
I Was King
One More Light - Linkin Park Cover
Take What You Want


The Beginning
Mighty Long Fall
We Are


American girls