P-Lo may have released the lowkey song of the summer: Listen

The Song of the Summer. At this point, there are charts, playlists, and countless think-pieces all centered on the idea of objectively identifying the singular anthem for warm months.

With respect, this is all bullsh*t. There is no capital letter Song of the Summer, just as there is no “Best Picture” or “Album of the Year,” no matter what the card at the Oscar or Grammy Award ceremony reads. Art trophies are a dubious prospect, and the idea of a single Song of the Summer we can all agree on is patently ridiculous.

Having now dispatched with this idea of the Song of the Summer, there are a lot of Songs for the Summer, which is to say music that’s best enjoyed in a car with the windows rolled down or blasting from a jam box on a blanket at the beach. These types of songs are the specialty of Bay Area rapper and producer P-Lo and his new project More Than Anything is absolutely filthy with them.

The entire album, which you can stream below via Soundcloud, is worth a listen but one song in particular stands out. We’re referring to “Put Me On Somethin’” P-Lo’s collaboration with fellow East Bay rapper E-40. With its infectious hook, slick bassline and slapping drums, “Put Me On Somethin’” has everything you could want from an SotS, even if, as we’ve established, there is no such thing as an SotS.

As one of the in-house producers for the HBK Gang, P-Lo has been making low end-heavy anthems for Bay Area stars like G-Eazy and IAMSU! for a number of years. But with his new project, P-Lo is stepping out into the spotlight like never before and More Than Anything is a showcase for his evolution.

“The catalyst behind making this project was really coming into my own and believing in myself more than anything,” P-Lo said about his new record. “I'm most of proud of the journey and what it took to get to this point and how much energy it took not only from myself, but my team, and we all elevated our game to make this happen.”

Apropos of the new album’s vibes, P-Lo is on a June tour that will swing through the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on Friday, June 16. Click here to get tickets to the show and listen to P-Lo’s new album, preferably at a barbeque, in the player below.