Paris Jackson stars in Nahko's new video for 'Dragonfly'
Nahko and the Medicine People

Paris Jackson teamed up with her friend and musical artist Nahko to star in his new music video release, "Dragonfly." The directors, Josue and Nahko, created a theme of survival and renewal that mirrors the essence of nature's dragonfly in its habitat.

The video takes viewers on an outdoor adventure starting with Jackson enjoying a bike ride in the woods.The video subtly weaves a story through mixing the visuals of Jackson bicycling backward in the sunlight as the acoustic music and vocals play on.

The scenes progress to a beach scene with Jackson performing a wind dance as she runs backwards to the ocean water. The cinematography of the project is majestic in its rich tone and soft effects. The entire video is a celebration of nature capturing Jackson's dance from the woods to the open beach and clear blue waters.

According to sources, Jackson expressed her excitement about the production led by their mutual appreciation for nature in all its splendor. "Dragonfly" is the first single from Nahko's forthcoming album entitled, My Name Is Bear.The album is scheduled for release on Oct. 20.

Check out Jackson's performance in Nahko's new music video here.