Paul McCartney - 'Live and Let Die'
Paul McCartney - 'Live and Let Die'
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Simply calling Paul McCartney a singer, songwriter, performer, actor, father, husband and entrepreneur does not begin to describe the man who has influenced nearly every musician for six decades. If you have to describe Sir Paul McCartney in one word it would be: Genius.

Paul McCartney will turn 74 on June 18, 2016, and he is still composing, singing and touring. He has built an empire worth more than a billion dollars. His tours are some of the most successful in music history. His appeal crosses generational lines and includes teenagers to great-grandparents. His songwriting collaborations with John Lennon live on today, and their songs have been covered numerous times by some of the most successful musicians in the business.

McCartney was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. Once as a member of The Beatles in 1988, and then again in 1998 as a solo artist. He has 21 Grammy awards, has written or co-written 32 songs that have reached the number one spot on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. As of 2014 Paul McCartney had sold more than 15.5 million RIAA-certified units in the United States. In 1997, Paul was knighted for his contribution for his services to music.

We also know that Paul McCartney is a philanthropist, humanitarian, animal rights activist and vegetarian. What else is there to know about Sir Paul McCartney? Here are five things that may have escaped your attention.

5) Paul McCartney was jailed in 1960: While on tour with The Beatles in Hamburg, Germany there were several complaints about the band, and they were asked to leave the country. McCartney and The Beatle’s drummer Pete Best were packing to leave, and the room was dark. They lit a condom on fire to get some light. They were arrested and accused of trying to light the building on fire. They were released after a few hours and headed back to England.

4) He deliberately failed auditions to be a choir boy: The man whose voice would become one of the most recognizable in the world failed not one, but two auditions to become a choir boy. McCartney claims he did not want to be a choir boy, and he flunked the auditions on purpose. Eventually, Paul McCartney did become a choir boy at his church.

3) Paul McCartney is so dedicated to vegetarianism he does not allow anyone on his crew to eat meat while on tour with him: He also will not allow any meat or meat products to be served in the backstage area. He does not permit any furniture made from animal skin, even if is faux animal print. In 2011, McCartney narrated the controversial PETA documentary “Glass Walls.”

2) McCartney’s mother Mary and his wife Linda both died after battles with breast cancer: Paul’s mother died at the age of 47 on Oct. 31, 1956. Paul was only 14 when his mother died. His wife of or 29 years, Linda McCartney, died at the age of 56 after a long battle with breast cancer on April 17, 1998.

1) Paul co-wrote every No. 1 song recorded in the 1970s with his wife Linda: The former Linda Eastman received songwriting credit on five No. 1 singles for the couple’s band Wings in the 1970s. Along with Paul, she was nominated for an Oscar for their song, “Live and Let Die,” the James Bond film of the same name.

Paul McCartney will be performing a two-night stand at the Target Center in Minneapolis as part of his 2016 One On One Tour. Click the link for tickets to McCartney’s One on One tour dates at the Target Center (VIP packages are also available).

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