Paul McCartney seen performing the Mannequin Challenge.

Paul McCartney seen performing the Mannequin Challenge.

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So apparently the #MannequinChallenge thing is a legitimate social media phenomenon at this point, or at least it is now that Sir Paul McCartney has entered the playing field. Recently, fellow pop star Adele had some fun with the social trend and Jon Bon Jovi had teamed up with Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton for their own mannequin video earlier this week as well. Leave it up to a Beatle to bring folks some post-election joy with a little help from his friend, Rae Sremmurd.

In a video posted onto his social media outlets on Thursday morning, the seventy-four year old rock legend showed everyone that he still has no problem letting his inner teenager out when he posed for his own mannequin challenge clip to Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” playing in the background. The video’s post was joined along with the caption, “Love those Black Beatles #MannequinChallenge.”

He may be getting up there in numerical age, but Paul has certainly never been one to take himself too seriously. He’s never been one to not put on a show for his fans either, as the English rocker shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Following an astounding thirty-plus song set during both weekends of Desert Trip back in October, McCartney reminded everyone that he can definitely still hang with all the kids these days whether it’s on stage or on social media. 

Well played Paulie.