Paul Oakenfold to perform atop Mount Everest on April 11
Paul Oakenfold

British dance DJ legend Paul Oakenfold has pretty high expectations for a major milestone. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Second Summer of Love, Oakenfeld's fateful trip to Ibiza, which spawned the late '80s acid house and raves scene across the UK. 

To celebrate, Oakenfold will perform at Mt. Everest’s Base Camp on April 11 in an attempt to become the first DJ to hike the 17,000 feet to perform at the top of the peak. Oakenfold has spent the last year working with the national and local governments in Nepal, expert mountaineers and audio engineers to prepare for the feat. All equipment used will be donated to a soon-to-open DJ school in Nepal. "We don't even know if the equipment is going to work at 18,000 feet, because no one's ever done it," Oakenfold admitted to Westword

Ahead of the hike, Oakenfold has been training at the gym, hiking at high elevations, learning breathing techniques and eating healthy meals. "This window of opportunity will not come again and I know that," Oakenfold explained. "And if I don't take it, it will be something I personally regret." 

Having performed gigs at the Great Wall of China, Hollywood Bowl, Coachella’s main stage and Madison Square Garden, Oakenfold isn't usually one for cold feet. His April 11 Mt. Everest performance will be broadcast via live stream on EXTREME, as well as on his Facebook page.