Paul Shaffer to appear as guest on 'All The Vegas' podcast
Las Vegas Weekly / YouTube

Paul Shaffer spent 33 years as David Letterman's musical director and he will be appearing on the All The Vegas podcast to talk about his career, music and just about anything else the hosts can come up with.

The All The Vegas podcast is hosted by Brock Radke and Mark Shunock and is recorded at The Space, which is just off the Las Vegas Strip. They take fans behind-the-scenes for music, shows, nightlife, sports and more and interview a plethora of celebrities. Paul Shaffer was part of the 12th episode, which hit this week.

In the interview, Shaffer talked about his shows at Caesars' Palace in Cleopatra's Barge. Shaffer name-dropped some celebs that people might get a chance to see if they attend one of his shows.

They also talked to the bandleader about what it was like to play with so many different musical legends -- many of which were heroes of Shaffer himself. 

Shaffer also talks about how he was involved with a production in Toronto called Godspell that got him a chance to go to New York City and work on Saturday Night Live. This led to a great story about the late John Belushi.

Finally, Paul Shaffer mentioned spots that every visitor to Las Vegas should hit, including his own 1980s Las Vegas Museum of Relics.