Never Not Dead is available on April 27

Never Not Dead is available on April 27

Coutesy Earsplit PR

It's not uncommon for people to ask where they can find good rock records. While you may not hear a lot of new rock on the radio, there is still some good rock to be found. Never Not Dead by Peel is a good example of how you can find good rock if you seek it.

This band is interesting because you can hear elements of old-school melodic punk bands. In part, this sounds like a band that Dropkick Murphys sang about in "Sunday Hardcore Matinee". Some of the melodies could easily have people slamming into each other in a circle pit. You also hear some influences from old-time rock and roll bands. "Wet Work" for example includes some guitar work that was seemingly influenced by Thin Lizzy.

"Teenage Rock & Roll Sinner" is a changeup from the songs that precede it. This one has a real psychobilly feel to it. It is an excercise in tempo and volume, and it brings to mind bands like Three Bad Jacks. The only problem is that the song is too short. Once you start feeling the groove, the song ends - after only 1:25. 

"High 'til I Die" is an interesting tune. If you were trying to explain this to your friends, you might ask them to imagine if a psychobilly band performed a song from the Grease soundtrack. There is a very 50s feel to this song - if only songs from the 50s had a louder, dirtier sound.

This EP gives you a good - albeit brief - taste of the band. The EP is less than 15 minutes long, and it definitely leaves you wanting more. If you like your music loud and fast, this is a good addition to your collection. Never Not Dead will be available everywhere on April 27.