Performing on the BBVA Music Sessions: Stephanie Quayle
Stephanie Quayle

Quickly taking over the country charts, Stephanie Quayle is the newcomer with years of musical talent under her belt. Playing music since the age of four, Quayle is sure to bring the crowd to their feet at the fourth BBVA Music Sessions on Aug. 15 in Denver at the Skyline Beer Garden (1601 Arapahoe St.).

With her latest album release, Love The Way You See Me, fans can experience the upbeat summer anthem “Winnebago” or kick their heels up to “Drinking with Dolly.” The latter resulted in a handwritten letter penned by Dolly Parton herself to show her appreciation for Quayle’s lyricism. 

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If a flight out to Denver is out of reach, be sure to catch the stream of her BBVA Music Session, Sept. 5 on the AXS Facebook page. For Denver residents, RSVP for the Aug. 15 event here.