Phillip Phillips releases new single 'Magnetic' to radio
Phillip Phillips/YouTube

Earlier in 2018, American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips released his third studio album Collateral. He's been out on the road promoting the album which sounds like a mature blending of his first two records and has officially released a new single. Phillips took to his Twitter account to announce that "Magnetic" is now officially on the radio as of Aug. 28 and to, "Call your local stations and tell them you want to hear it."

"Magnetic" opens Phillips' third record with a blues-rock feel complete with horns giving it a sly style. "Baby what goes up must come back down/ You're the sky and I'm the ground," he sings of opposites attracting which is the theme of the new track. Despite whatever he does, he keeps coming back to this person, being pushed and pulled back and forth. That is, however, the sheer power between the two after he finally figures out the person is "magnetic."

The video for "Magnetic" was released three weeks prior before hitting radio. The video features Phillips performing at a red light lit club both on stage while playfully flirting with the camera backstage as he plays his guitar.

"Magnetic" follows the pop-rock single "Miles" which reached No. 15 on Adult Top 40.

Watch the video for "Magnetic" above and check local radio for airplay.