Photo: NBA commish starstruck upon meeting MMA legend
Video by MMAFightingonSBN

NBA commissioner Adam Silver was all smiles upon meeting legendary combat sports personality Eric Jackman.

Seemingly starstruck, the hoops boss man couldn't help but geek out and bust into fanboy mode during the chance encounter, as proven in a photo on Jackman's Instagram page. The men bumped into each other at Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena during Game 4 of the NBA Finals, coming into contact because both had court-side seats.

Jackman, known in the MMA community as "New York Ric," is a lifelong Cleveland Cavs fan. He was on hand to watch LeBron James and Kyrie Irving do work, cheering Cleveland to its first victory of the series with the Golden State Warriors. Silver was in the house because he oversees all the action in the NBA. Since Game 4 was an elimination game, he was there in case the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy needed to be handed out.

Since the contest ended with a Cavs victory -- meaning the NBA Finals would be extended, Silver didn't have much to do post-game besides snap selfies with fans. That's when he happened to run into Jackman. By the looks of it, the men became fast friends and hit it off in a big way.

It's unclear who initiated the photo op, but the end product turned out absolutely magical, lighting up the web with all kinds of positive energy. The photo of Silver with his arm around Jackman ended up going viral, generating over "300" likes in less than 72 hours. The post got even more love on Twitter, as Jackman let his 16,000 followers in on the action. Jackman, the media contact for Invicta FC and GLORY kickboxing, is perhaps most well-known in the combat sports space from his fine work on Ariel Helwani's radio show, where he serves as a producer. 


When the commish asks you for a pic, you can't say no.

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