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Rock guitarist and Black Crowes co-founder Chris Robinson and his band, known together as the Brotherhood, were in Brooklyn on Sunday night to close out the weekend with a warm and steady mix of tunes at Brooklyn Steel. The stop in New York City is just the eighth stop on Robinson’s North American tour, which is set to continue throughout the remainder of the year before wrapping in mid-December. The veteran rocker continues to live young and play with a confident looseness as they trek across the country with some new tunes to promote off their latest studio album, 2017’s Barefoot in the Head.

Photos from Sunday night’s show can be seen above. If you really want to learn more about why you should catch the Chris Robinson Brotherhood on their current tour, check out 5 reasons below.

1. The band brings a wonderfully fun mix of roots rock and psychedelia
Chris Robinson and the band bring a mix of rock sounds and styles to the table. Robinson, of course, is well known throughout the rock world thanks to his mix of southern-based roots rock and power blues sound of the Black Crowes. The sound of The Brotherhood as a whole however trades off a bit of power in exchange of psychedelic looseness, allowing the melodies of the song to easily flow over the music rather than having to force its way in. The mixture is so fun to listen to, trust us.

2. Two full sets of music!
Chris isn’t taking a support band on the road on his current tour, which allows him and the band to play longer throughout the night. As customary in the jam-scene, the band breaks up the night with two sets, with the potential for an encore, which is exactly how Sunday night went down. The band would go on to play 17 songs over two sets (and that awesome encore!) which was perfect with a drink and bathroom break thrown into the mix as well. It’s kind of fun to take the two sets as they are - a pair of unique performances rather than just one.

3. Return of Neal Casal to the live band
Neal Casal, the band’s longtime guitarist opposite of Robinson, was forced to miss a handful of the first dates on the band’s tour due to possible health matters. Whatever the cause, he’s now back with the tour as the other half of the band’s core guitar makeup, and he and Robinson sounded great together. The two traded off leads and solos throughout the night, and knowing that a someone like Casal who's been playing with Robinson for a number of years now can just slide right back into the mix and sound tight with the band is always awesome. 

4. Warm and weird venue atmosphere
There’s nothing really warm or homey about Brooklyn Steel. It is a converted warehouse in the industrial area of north Brooklyn after all. The band’s stage makeup however made the venue feel more like a rehearsal space or what Robinson’s basement probably looks like. Tapestries could be seen hanging over guitar amps, while a weird-looking own with numerous lit incense sticks pointing out from atop its head to give the large room a trademark scent for the evening.

5. Chris still sounding great at 51
Chris Robinson has logged in a lot of mileage on his guitars as well as that voice of his over the years, but he’s still managing to pump out plenty of warm energy out of those vocal chords of his. Robinson was looking like he was having a fun on stage, often seen bouncing his pig-tailed hair back and forth with a grin covering his face while he grooved along with the music. That loose, satisfied feeling was contagious and quickly picked up by the audience, who also looked to really enjoy hearing the rock veteran.

Fans can click here to purchase tickets to select shows on the tour, which continues on Thursday night in Maine.