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Chance the Rapper seems to have someone in his corner. The 24-year-old unsigned rapper from Chicago picked up three Grammys earlier this year and has yet to technically “sell” a record.

Fittingly, he kicked off the second of two sold-out Red Rocks shows with “Blessings,” a jubilant and self-deprecating, gospel-inspired number documenting his somewhat otherworldly success.

“When the praises go up/the blessings come down,” Chance rapped to a rapt audience. The young-leaning crowd knew most of the words as Chance charged through an uplifting set of “old” and new tracks.

Accompanied by a three-piece band—including his brother on drums—and four-person choir, Chance pranced-skipped across the Red Rocks stage taking plenty of time to soak in the hugeness of the moment. “God, there’s a lot of people here,” he realized.

And “a lot of people” wanted more. Three “hoots” reverberated back and forth from the stage and the crowd with Chance explaining the verbal queue, for those not in the know, meant, “I want more from you,” in the most appreciative way.

The timing of the Red Rocks shows was fortuitous for Coloradoans as they fell during the unofficial national “Acid Rap” week. The occasion was marked by several cuts off of Chance’s second mixtape of the same name.

Those wearing Chance’s now signature “3” hats can be found wherever the rapper plays, but Denver seemed to roll out an especially red carpet, going so far as to give him a Denver street sign.

City Council President Albus Brooks told 9News, “We just wanted Chance to know the people of Denver appreciate his artistic contributions."