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Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne’s consistently captivated listeners with his intimate performances and raw, powerful vocals throughout the years. While fans can certainly sense his tangible vulnerability and emotionality through his albums, there’s nothing quite like how LaMontagne’s live performances impeccably capture those characteristics evident in his artistry. Here are our five reasons to see the “Lessons Learned” singer-songwriter live:

1. Intimate, stripped-down evening (no frills — it’s all about the music)

With Ray LaMontagne, it’s all about the music. Only accompanied by his bassist John Stirratt, LaMontagne provides audiences with a stripped-down, intimate evening of unequivocal artistry and emotion. There’s no intense lighting, stage effects, or glimmer. For LaMontagne, he focuses on showcasing his raw artistic ability, raspy and genuine vocals, and skillful guitar-playing. No frills and with nothing overpowering the music, LaMontagne commands the stage and demands avid audience engagement. In stripping down his performance, LaMontagne certainly makes a strong case for less is more.

2. Soulful, exceptional vocalist

With a vocal powerhouse like LaMontagne, there’s no need to have an ensemble backing him. Just him, his guitar, and bassist John Stirratt, LaMontagne is given the platform to showcase his raspy, soulful vocals. He’s a force to be reckoned with, and with his vocal range and chops, there’s no need to present audiences with anything other than his stripped-down performances that further illuminate his exceptional vocal power. Though a man of few words on-stage, LaMontagne says all he needs to say by letting his vocals take the forefront.

3. Raw, emotional performance

Metaphorically baring-it-all on-stage, LaMontagne consistently puts on a raw, emotional concert for fans. With his raspy voice as the emotional driver, LaMontagne only needs light instrumentation to further evince the vulnerability he strives -- and successfully does -- to convey. At his Oct. 10 performance at New York’s historic Radio City Music Hall, you could hear a pin-drop. The audience members sat in quiet mesmerization, solely deriving from LaMontagne’s emotionality and vulnerability on-stage.

4. He’s a multi-instrumentalist (vocalist, guitarist, harmonica)

While already a multi-talented singer-songwriter, LaMontagne further illustrates his musicality through his live sets, including his exquisite guitar-playing and addition of playing the harmonica. LaMontagne is a performer who exudes unequivocal artistry and musicality, particularly evident through his multi-instrument-based set.

5.  It’s not just about the most recent songs: LaMontagne provides fans with a versatile, well-rounded setlist

With LaMontagne, you don’t just get a full rundown his most recent release. Instead, LaMontagne consistently presents audiences with a versatile set-list, showing great range and well-roundedness. As evinced through his Oct. 10, 2018 performance at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall, LaMontagne’s set included songs from 2016’s Ouroboros, 2014’s Supernova, and his debut album— 2004’s Trouble,