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Comic Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy has made it a yearly ritual to entertain a packed house at AVA Amphitheatre. The show on October 29 opened with the roar of the crowd shouting “Fluffy. Fluffy, Fluffy.” A portly gentleman dressed in a floral patterned Hawaiian shirt and shorts took the stage to bask in Tucson’s love.  The tour is in celebration of Iglesias’ 20-year career as a comedian.

For those who are not familiar with Fluffy, he lost the 2006 season of Last Comic Standing. He was caught using a blackberry during a cloistered segment of the show when the contestants were not supposed to have any contact with the outside world. He was disqualified from the show. His career has not suffered as seen by his television shows on Comedy Central, his acting roles in the movies, his voice roles like the Disney movie ”Planes,” and his reality show on Fuse TV called Fluffy Breaks Even. Those are only a few of Fluffy’s accomplishments.

Six things we learned during Iglesias’ show:

1. Iglesias’ mother started calling him Fluffy when he was a child. He would call himself fat in her presence and she would correct him by saying “you’re not fat you’re Fluffy.” Once his fans learned of this, ‘Fluffy’ replaced his given name.

2. Fluffy was not normally considered a “stoner.” He was invited to do a radio interview with Snoop Dogg for www.merryjane.com. During the interview, Snoop offered Iglesias a “blunt” while on the air and he had to make a decision on whether to smoke it or not. It was a quick decision to join Snoop. Fluffy does not remember the interview.

3. Fluffy wears floral pattern shirts to honor his comic hero Robin Williams. Williams wore them during his stand up shows in the 1980s.

4. The very first time Fluffy went on the road was to Tucson twenty years ago. He played a club called Bugsy’s on the corner of Roger and Oracle Roads. He stayed at the Cliff Manor Inn that is closed now. He was paid $50. He still has the poster on his wall from that gig.

5. Fluffy’s repertoire of stories is real. He does not use a written script. There are either photos or videos to support his stories. He has a quick wit and was able to insert many of his experiences of Tucson into his stories.

6. Fluffy does not drop ‘F’ bombs. The shows are family friendly. He has a rule that he avoids the subjects of politics, religion, and sports. No matter what you say, someone is not going to like it.

It was apparent after experiencing Fluffy’s show that he is a master of sound effects, imitating voices, and observational humor. He reveals his vulnerabilities that fans embrace and love.