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Grace Mitchell is somewhat of an anomaly. The 19-year-old west coast guitarist and singer prefers an authentic, energy-driven rock and roll vibe rather than the usual teen pop lyrical banter that most artists her age use, even though she’s by no means a traditional rocker. Mitchell was headlining the early show at New York City’s Mercury Lounge on Wednesday evening. The relatively early 8 p.m. set was her first ever headlining gig in New York, and she made sure to provide the sold out venue with nonstop energy from the moment she took the stage to a loud, welcoming applause.

Sporting a leather jacket to go with her floral-patterned stockings and wildly fun looking curly red hair, Mitchell channeled her rock and roll personality and guitar work to wow the very supportive audience. She almost seemed surprised to see how filled in the dark venue ended up being for someone who has yet to really make a splash in the mainstream world. Perhaps that is her strongest asset - that she has fans who aren’t there because she’s current or popular, but rather due to the fact that she’s a growing talent who is as honest with her lyrics as she is with their live delivery. 

There was no traditional pop shtick to go with her nine-song set. Her drive to just have fun and keep her focus on the music made sure of that. As Grace played through previously released songs from her first two EPs to go along with some new tunes off an upcoming still-to-be-announced LP, the audience couldn’t help to give all the energy right back to her, making for a rare, utopian relationship between fan and entertainer. No one in attendance was there to just see Grace Mitchell for the sake of seeing her. They were there to rock out, and she was more than happy and capable to oblige.

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