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Last night Miranda Lambert was nothing but smiles during her performance at Country LakeShake. The "Tin Man" singer was in high spirits and downright giddy as she closed out day two of the Chicago festival. While on stage she performed her hit singles, gave props to the other female performers at LakeShake, re-started a song after technical difficulties, and even joked about her divorce. 

Right when Miranda Lambert hit the stage it was easy to tell this would be a fun performance. When she walked out and saw the massive crowd, the country music singer looked at her guitar player and started giggling before going into, "Fastest Girl in Town."

Miranda Lambert's 2017 LakeShake Festival setlist primarily consisted of her hit singles, but she also threw in some covers. She sang everything from her 2005 single "Kerosene" to her 2016 single "Vice." When it came time for "Vice" there was a little mis-step, but she recovered nicely. After singing the first couple of lines she stopped and told the crowd, "I can't hear s*it. I love this song and want to start over, can I?" Of course the crowd responded with nothing but cheers. 

During her hour and fifteen minute long set she also performed "Highway Vagabond," "White Liar," "Pink Sunglasses," "Mama's Broken Heart," and "Over You." One song that got a huge reaction was "Little Red Wagon."

It especially got a big response when she belted out a new lyric. The song "Little Red Wagon" was written while Lambert and now ex-husband Blake Shelton were living together in Oklahoma. The line about her residing in that state is no longer sung. Instead of "I live in Oklahoma," she now sings with fierceness, "I got the hell out of Oklahoma!" 

That wasn't the only time she alluded to Shelton. Before going into "Ugly Lights" Lambert told the crowd, "I'm a prime example of bad s*it happening to good people. I did get publicly divorced in 2014, no wait, 2015? I'm owning it. Things happen and you get stronger, better, and happy. Between then you drink more and more. I wrote this song on a bar napkin." 

Despite having a near flawless performance there were two missed opportunities. The first was not bringing Little Big Town on stage to perform their 2015 joint single, "Smokin' and Drinkin'." At Country LakeShake 2017 Little Big Town went on right before Lambert, so they were at the festival and could have popped on stage. Despite that circumstance, the song didn't make it onto Miranda Lambert's setlist. 

The second missed opportunity was Lambert not having one of the other female LakeShake performers come on stage for a duet of "Somethin' Bad." That duet with Carrie Underwood is still one of her biggest singles, but the song was also not included on her setlist. 

Even though she didn't bring up another female performer on stage Lambert did dedicate a song to them, which was "We Should Be Friends." Earlier in the day Lambert went one step further to support Ashley McBryde by posting a video on Twitter of her performing on LakeShake's side stage.  

Miranda Lambert's 2017 Country LakeShake performance in Chicago was her last stop before taking a month long break. At the beginning of August she'll continue on with her Highway Vagabond Tour. Tickets for select shows are on sale now at AXS here