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Is there a holiday more fun than Halloween, a day filled with horror movies, candy, and costumes? Just about everyone gets into the spirit, and we can always count on celebrities to go all out and completely nail a Halloween look, whether they're hitting a party or posing on the red carpet. Halloween costumes also mean fun, creativity, and sometimes a little bit of wit. This year's best looks were no exception.

Whether your favorite musician channeled a favorite artist of their own or opted for something a little scarier, got creative or chose a Halloween staple, they--and their Instagram pics--looked awesome, from standalone costumes to great endeavors by couples. Even a few adorable kids got in on the fun with their musically inclined parents.

We're already anxiously awaiting Halloween 2019 for more great looks, but for now, let's enjoy the best of 2018. Which musician's costume was your favorite?