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Nathaniel Rateliff’s latest album alongside his Night Sweats comrades arrived onto streaming platforms early Friday morning. In the hours leading up to the midnight release of Tearing at the Seams, Rateliff and his wildly entertaining band were at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, where they delivered an electrifyingly fun performance in front of a packed venue full of mostly SiriusXM subscribers.

Appropriately, Nathaniel and company started the night’s fun with the lead track from new album, which swung with a horn-filled ease as the 39-year-old Denver native strolled onto the stage in his trademark western hat. The tattooes covering his arms and hands were given plenty of extra shine under the bright Apollo lights, and the light glaze of sweat worked up throughout the performance also helped in providing Rateliff with a tireless edge as he mixed in new tracks with old favorites.

New songs from Tearing at the Seams that made it into the setlist on Thursday included “Be There,” the piano-driven “Little Honey,” “Baby I Lost My Way,” “Say It Louder” and a fantastic Americana ballad known as “Hey Mama.” “Coolin’ Out” and “Babe I Know” also made appearances throughout the show, sans the vocal help of Lucius as heard in the recorded versions on the album.

The lights were continuously turned all the way up throughout the 90-minute performance, allowing Rateliff to get a joyful look at how well he and his band filled the historic New York City venue. Even the brand new songs, which nearly everyone in the audience had never heard before, were welcomed as if they already came with their own batch of memories. So it really made the audience go wild and out of their seats when catalogue anthems including “I Need Never Get Old” and “S.O.B.” were played closer to the end of the show.

Rateliff and company will head out on a lengthy North American tour starting May 5 at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, Fla. Tickets for the summer tour, which also includes scheduled stops at New York’s Forest Hills Stadium and two nights at Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre, are on sale now, and can be purchased by clicking here.

"Shoe Boot"
"Look It Here"
"Be There"
"I Did It"
"Howling at Nothing"
"Little Honey"
"Coolin’ Out"
"Wasting Time"
"You Worry Me"
"Babe I Know"
"Baby I Lost My Way, (But I’m Going Home)"
"I Need Never Get Old"
"Say It Louder"
"Out on the Weekend"
"Hey mama"
"Trying So Hard Not to Know"
"Tearing at the Seams"