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New York has its fair share of garage rock bands. What about Los Angeles rock bands, though? Are most of them good enough to make the cross-country trip and still have enough left in the tank to impress the entitled audiences of Brooklyn? The Regrettes can’t speak for all the rock bands in L.A., but they at least have it in them to put on a really fun show and fill up Rough Trade in Brooklyn on a gloomy Monday night.  

The four-piece garage pop outfit are touring around North America at the moment to spread their charming energy and catchy songs off their debut album, Feel Your Feelings Fool! Their headlining set at Rough Trade on Monday evening was probably a handful of attendees’ first time seeing them, including this writer.

The initial impression everyone received was a loud one, courtesy of their drummer, Maxx Morando, the lone dude in the group. As he went into the song's percussive intro to “I Don’t Like You,” singer Lydia Night, in her casual black cocktail dress and all, set off on her mission of having as much fun on stage as one could have while still taking yourself somewhat seriously. Her style of performing is kind of like a girl who had too much sugar at a middle school slumber party - full of silliness and intent on keeping everyone entertained. Whether she was singing, focusing on playing a strong rhythm guitar or parading around every inch of the stage, Night is just a fun ball of energy to watch and sure seemed to enjoy herself in the process.

They aren’t a one-trick show, though. Guitarist Genessa Gariano was equally as fun with her awkwardly adorable singing faces that would be wiped away at the step of an overdrive pedal with perfectly timed solos during songs like “Lacy Loo” and “Seashore.” Between her and bassist Sage Chavis handling backing vocals behind Night, they’re able to add that cute pop sound of 50s doo-wop into the mix.

Having the gift of being both very original and extremely entertaining, it should be fun to watch this band grow and become even more fun to watch as time goes on.  

I Don’t Like You
Juicebox Baby
Hey Now
Picture Perfect
Whatta Bitch
Living Human Girl
Lacy Loo
How It Should Be
Psycho Killer (The Talking Heads cover)
You Won’t Do