Pink Sweat$ announces performance at The Roxy in Los Angeles spring 2019

Up-and-coming R&B artist, Pink Sweat$, is only one project in into his music career and already generating the buzz of any major mainstream artist. His ability to play with themes like love, the difficulties of maintaining a healthy relationship, and the drug-fueled facade of the come up within his lyrics is a testament to how masterful his pen-game is. Sonically, the Philadelphia-bred musician's introductory EP, Volume 1, is infused minimalistic acoustic instrumentation allowing Pink Sweat$'s rich vocal range to be put on full display. 

Surprisingly, Pink Sweat$ initially didn't want to be at the forefront of his musical concepts. After realizing how gifted of a songwriter he was, he wanted to remain behind the scenes. But during his path of maneuvering throughout the music industry, something changed. Check out what Pink Sweat$ had to say to Billboard about wanting more of a personal experience for himself and his listener's below,

"I never had a dream to be an artist... Once I discovered writing songs, that’s all I ever really wanted to do. Coming from the hood, my mentality was different. It was like you don’t want everybody to know what’s happening in your life. I got some friends and I don’t even know their real name. You have like a secretive mentality.

I like to make music that I feel like it’s going to touch somebody. I got the streams and some money, but I didn’t do that shit for that, I did it because I want to touch people and I want them to listen to my shit and want to cry. I can’t wait to see that shit, like them being like 'Damn, this shit hit me.' That’s what it’s about."

Now, with the R&B and hip-hop community rallying behind the blossoming artists, his growing fellowship is looking forward to curate a possible Volume 2 project to solidify their fandom. As for now, the "Would You" singer has booked one of the most cherished venues in Los Angeles to hold a one-time performance this up-coming spring. Pink Sweat$ will be taking his talents to The Roxy come April 3 to perform his critically-acclaimed project Volume 1. Tickets for the event can be purchased via AXS, here

As the popularity increases surrounding Pink Sweat$ be sure to stick with AXS for more upcoming tour dates and shows coming from the R&B act. Also, check out the visuals to his standout single "Honesty" in the video link provided above and check out some of our personal favorite tracks by Pink Sweat$ including "Cocaine" and "Drama" as well, they won't disappoint.