Play NYC 2017: Badge pick-up, parking, food, hotels, and general info

Play NYC 2017: Badge pick-up, parking, food, hotels, and general info

Photo credit: Play NYC, used with permission

Play NYC is heading to New York City soon, which means you only have a few days to get ready for some video game madness. Taking place on Aug. 19 and Aug. 20 inside Terminal 5, the inaugural event will feature 100 of the best video game developers showing off their grandest games to you. All of the information surrounding the important details can be seen below. Tickets are available for purchase right now on AXS.

Tickets for Play NYC can be pick up at the box office, or, if you have the AXS app, you can simply have your tickets scanned. The app can be downloaded over at the App Store and Google Play. If the event isn't sold out, you can buy tickets at the box office. Make sure to bring your government ID at all times or else you can't get in.


There's plenty of food options around Terminal 5, whether you're into a quick bite or a well cooked meal. You can check out a plethora of restaurants in the area here.


While there is no parking lot specifically for Terminal 5, you can park the car at a nearby parking space. If you're looking to grab a secure spot, you can head over here to find several paid parking areas. 


If you're coming from out of town, there's a good amount of hotels surrounding the venue for whatever price you're willing to spend. Check out a list of available hotels here.


Getting to Terminal 5 through public transportation is a cinch. The subway is the easiest way to get there. Just hop on the 1, A, C, B, or D trains to the Columbus Circle. When you get off, walk west along 56th St. Terminal 5 until you get to the venue, which will be located between 11th and 12th Avenues.


Here are a few extra things to know about the event:

- If you somehow lose an item at the event, call 212-260-4700 the next day.
- You can bring Camelbaks into the venue, but they must be empty.
- All bags will be searched.
- There will be no outside food and beverages allowed, so be sure to finish that hot dog before stepping inside.
-All exits are final.