Podcasting McElroy brothers hitting the road for 'My Brother, My Brother and Me' tour
YouTube/Genny Palma

Over the past decade, podcasting has exploded. In the early years, podcasting was a niche market that most radio-savvy veterans saw as a fad is now an industry that is booming. 

There have been many podcasters who have made their mark on podcast universe, but one who has separated themselves from the pack has been the McElroy brothers of Justin, Travis, and Griffin. They’re the stars of “My brother, My Brother and Me,” an “advicecast for the modern era,” as the brothers describe it.

What is an "advicecast," one may ask? Well, it’s basically a show where advice is given. It’s not like a regular talk radio show, it’s more like a “Dear Abby” for the digital age. Each of the McElroy brothers has an area of expertise, and they use their knowledge to help out their listeners, in an entertaining way.

Once in a while, the brothers will take their “advicecast” on the road, which is what they’ll be doing starting on April 1 and lasting until the first of September, when the brothers will conclude their tour in Seattle. Here is the complete itinerary of their road trip, and keep in mind that all dates and venues are subject to change.

April 14 -- Dallas, TX -- McFarlin Auditorium
April 15 -- Houston, TX -- Jones Hall
May 3 -- St. Louis, MO -- Peabody Opera House (Click here for tickets)
May 4 -- Detroit, MI -- Masonic Temple (Click here for tickets)
May 5 -- Columbus, OH -- Palace Theatre Columbus (Click here for tickets)
June 14 -- San Francisco, CA -- The Warfield (Click here for tickets)
June 16 -- Phoenix, AZ -- Symphony Hall (Click here for tickets)
Sept. 1 -- Atlanta, GA -- Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre