When Pogoseat first integrated with AXS in 2015, it provided a viable platform for fans looking to upgrade their game day experience right from their current seat. 

But buzzer-beater ticket upgrades weren’t the finish line. Innovating and pushing new ticketing functionality has been a core mission at Pogoseat HQ. They now provide a reliable and easy-to-use platform for fans to make last-minute purchases in the days leading up to events with text-based ticketing -- effectively redefining the way people buy last-minute tickets.

Integrated with AXS, Text-to-Buy offers sports teams and live-entertainment venues a new distribution channel to help sell last-minute tickets. Fans receive text message offers directly to their mobile phone and with a few simple texts, fans can transact securely and receive tickets directly via Flash Mobile Delivery. Partners such as Vegas Golden Knights (NHL), Los Angeles Kings (NHL) and Houston Dynamo (MLS) are all benefiting from the technology. 

In the past, many businesses and consumers were perhaps apprehensive about text-based interactions -- perhaps because it was too new and unexplored. As the world continues to move into a sense of “I want it and I want it now” mentality and with continued advancements to software and products -- the premise of SMS business just makes sense for a number of reasons…

Text messages are easy for everyone

In the digital age, consumers want it all and they want it fast. The great thing about Pogoseat’s Text-to-Buy solution is that it can help to redefine the traditional ticket buying process, making it faster, easier and more convenient for everyone. 

Text messages can simplify the buying process, making it quicker and more convenient. Fans want instant gratification and for venues looking to push boundaries and trial new initiatives, investing efforts in SMS marketing campaigns can bring huge wins. 

Tap into new audiences where they already are

Sports teams, ticket vendors and live-entertainment venues are always looking for new ways to grow their ticket sales and attract new audiences without alienating their existing customer base. A huge part of that is knowing as much as possible about the consumer habits of the target market. 

Text-based ticketing is a no-brainer for businesses looking to tap into the millennial consumer base. After all, text is the preferred communication medium of choice for younger consumers with 75% of millennials prefer text to email, according to Upland Mobile Marketing.

Emails are easy to ignore and too impersonal 

Be honest -- How many emails do you get throughout the course of the working day? Uh huh. Now, how many of those do you actually read? Exactly! 

Dozens of emails drop into inbox daily and only a select few of them ever get opened or even read. This means the open-rate of that “tickets on sale now” email are, unfortunately, pretty low. According to the Data and Marketing Association’s Email Benchmarking Report 2018, email open rates across industries are only at 18.1% on average.

Another roadblock with emails is notifications. Typically, because of the sheer quantity, most people don’t enable mobile notifications for their email accounts. Texts, on the other hand, are more immediate. They also have a more personal feel and a higher level of interaction. In fact, over 90% of people read a text message within just three minutes of receiving it, according to VentureBeat

SMS is still in the “early adoption” phase

Whether you’re a sports team looking to attract new spectators to your games or a brand sponsor looking to expand their reach, it’s important to stay one step ahead of the competition. 
While many sports teams continue to roll out email marketing campaigns, the good news is that SMS campaigns are still in the early adoption phase and a relatively untapped mechanism. Since mobile is the preferred device for consumers of all ages, it just makes sense that sports teams and live-entertainment venues are looking towards text-based interaction to increase consumer adoption. 

Success is already out there

The Vegas Golden Knights (NHL) have been huge advocates of Pogoseat’s last-minute Text-to-Buy solution. 

”Pogoseat has been a great partner. Its text-ticketing platform has been great for us looking to reach new audiences in a simple and efficient way and drive revenues. It has never been easier for fans to purchase tickets to our games. Their full integration with AXS is key to making our program so successful," Vegas Golden Knights’ VP Ticketing & Suites Todd Pollock said.

“I was really delighted with the ease of getting tickets for the Golden Knights - being notified of available seats, previewing different seats in 3D, having my tickets delivered to Flash Seats,” VGK fan Jill Davison said. “I live and work just a few blocks from T-Mobile Arena, and have a demanding schedule. This is the perfect solution for downtown professionals who never quite know when they may be able to make a game until the same day.”

With AXS and Pogoseat, the future of ticketing is now

AXS and Pogoseat are in the business of experience. From seat upgrades to Text-to-Buy ticketing solutions, AXS and Pogoseat are working together to provide the best tools for both businesses and fans to experience the events they love. 

Speaking about the partnership with AXS, Kiran Patel, CEO of Pogoseat, told us, “AXS has been a tremendous partner of the past few years - they’ve always welcomed our new product initiatives and we look forward to continuing pioneering new functionality.”

With the implementation of Pogoseat’s text-based ticketing to the AXS platform, fans have a new medium to purchase their last-minute tickets with ease and convenience. Businesses also have a new platform to fill their seats and sell their tickets. All around, it’s a slam dunk for everyone.

Vegas Golden Knights - Text-to-Buy from Pogoseat on Vimeo.