Pop sensation TAZ launches new video “Watch Me”
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A triple threat of a singer-songwriter-dancer can be a rare sight in pop music today – Tiffany “TAZ” Zavala is out to show the world just how talented she is with her new debut single and video, “Watch Me.

As a song and stylishly flashy video, TAZ told AXS how special this first release is to her. “It has a piece of my heart, and I hope it will be something vibrant and special to others who have felt discouragement in the music industry and in life.”

Hailing from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, right out of the gate TAZ displays her sultry pop voice, along with her mad dance skills in this visually stylish new video for her catchy tune “Watch Me.”

TAZ has already made a name for herself after working with such music giants as Randy Jackson, Gerardo “Rico Suave” Mejia, Snoop Dogg and choreographer Tricia Miranda (Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Demi Lovato). Miranda gives high praise to the young singer, “TAZ is already an elite pop artist. I have worked with the best of the best, and no question, she is just that.”

Climbing the hill to a hit song can be a long and hard one, yet TAZ sheds a positive light on staying focused on her musical drive for success. "You lose sight, passions and even at your lowest, you question what you were brought in this world to do and be. Get right back up and be the badass that you've been known to be and shine!"

This triple threat of an artist is also banking on “Watch Me” to be the first of many more breakout songs. With so much talent, TAZ might be one of those artists to watch out for in 2017, as she continues to work on a new album and plans for live dates later in the year.