Pop-Up Magazine to tell live stories at the Theatre at Ace Hotel in February

Pop-Up Magazine is not a traditional magazine.

Imagine, instead of reading a magazine, you’ll have it read to you live and in person. Sounds a bit crazy, doesn't it? Well, that’s exactly what Pop-Up Magazine is all about...telling you compelling stories in person instead of you imagining it while you’re reading the words.

So how did this unique combination of storytelling and performance come to be? In 2009, Douglas McGray came up with the crazy idea of getting storytellers and artists together to do a show based on a traditional magazine. That same year, the first ever Pop-Up Magazine show was held at the Brava Theater in San Francisco.

When you think about it, San Francisco was the perfect place to debut this unique show. In addition to McGray, the first ever Pop-Up magazine show featured Lauren Smith, Derek Fagerstrom, Evan Ratliff and Maili Holiman. In an interview with NPR, McGrey described the show as a live magazine that could “bring communities of fans together.”

It worked.

The initial San Francisco show was a hit, and the show was a resident at the Brava Theater for the rest of 2009, growing its auditorium from 360-seats to 900-seats. In 2011, the auditorium grew once again to 2,600 and the Pop-Up Magazine shows were selling like hotcakes.

That same year, with their success pinned down in San Francisco, Pop-Up Magazine wanted to see if other cities would enjoy their live magazine shows as well. So, that same year, the show embarked on its first national tour, heading to such cultural capitals as Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York City. In each stop, the show was a hit, and five years later, the show toured again, with nearly 10,000 people per stop taking in the show.

If you’re in Los Angeles next February, make sure that you head to the Ace Hotel to take in a show you won’t forget. You’ll hear stories from around the world and in every subject matter, from film to music, which will change your perspective on the role of the magazine. So don’t wait until the date to get your tickets, click here to get them now, and be part of the best magazine you’ll ever hear.

Pop-Up Magazine: A Night of Live Stories

Feb. 5 - Los Angeles, CA - The Theatre at Ace Hotel (Get tickets here)