Popular podcast 'Stuff You Should Know' bringing their live show to the Gothic

Podcast listeners already know "Stuff You Should Know" and now you can too.

On Thursday, June 28, "Stuff You Should Know" hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant will be bringing their live show to the Gothic Theatre in Englewood, CO. Tickets for the show will go on sale this Friday, Feb. 2, grab yours right here on AXS.com. UPDATE: After selling out their first date, "Stuff You Should Know" has added a second show at the Gothic on Wednesday, June 27. Tickets are now on sale, click here to get yours.

Launched in 2008 by the two HowStuffWorks.com writers, "Stuff You Should Know" is one of the most popular and longest-running podcasts on the web, having celebrated their 1,000th episode last October. Topics for the show include "everything from disco to the time when Nazis invaded Florida in WWII, wonky stuff like trickle-down economics and voter suppression, science-y topics like the sun, global warming, bioluminescence and willpower, and just totally random topics you'd never think could be interesting like grass, zoot suits and shotgun houses," according to their biography.  

The duo is promising a show that is "10-20% funnier and sometimes a little bluer" than their podcast, so longtime fans and curious newcomers alike won't want to miss out. Follow this link to get tickets to the show and visit the Stuff You Should Know website to listen to the latest episodes and more.