Post Malone in talks with 'Queer Eye' for a makeover
Post Malone / YouTube

Post Malone shot to the top of the charts thanks to the promotion he got from opening for Justin Bieber on a massive concert tour and then working with Kanye West and 50 Cent. Now, much like those cross-promotional superstars, the DFW native is working on something outside the realm of his rap career.

TMZ reported that Post Malone's team is working on setting up an appearance for the rap star on the Netflix series "Queer Eye." This came after fans tried to set something up between the two sides on Twitter.

In a funny moment, Karamo Brown, the culture expert, asked why Post Malone's name kept coming up and wondered if he requested to appear on "Queer Eye." Post Malone responded that his fans just think he is ugly and smells. He then said that he loves "Queer Eye" and wants them to "keep crushing it."

This seemed like all good fun until TMZ revealed that it led to the two sides to start discussions. Netflix resurrected the "Queer Eye: franchise and a third season is coming, with production scheduled to begin this week in Kansas City.

Post Malone told TMZ that he loves the show and said that if he appeared he would want to get the look of a "nice, '60s, Austin Powers gentleman."

Post Malone released his second album, Beerbongs & Bentleys in April 2018 and it debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200. he also won his first Billboard Music Award this year for Top Rap Song with "Rockstar."