Post Malone lands first acting role in Netflix film 'Wonderland'
Post Malone / YouTube

Post Malone has enjoyed a huge breakout since he got a break opening for Justin Bieber and working with 50 Cent and Kanye West. The Dallas-native has racked up music awards and platinum albums and now he is heading to the movies.

The movie is Wonderland and will air on Netflix. The film is based on the Ace Atkins novel of the same name and features some major talent outside of Post Malone. 

Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights) will direct the film and Mark Wahlberg is set to headline the film. For those unaware, Wonderland is one of the Spenser series of novels. Parker wrote 40 Spenser novels before his death and other authors have continued the series since then with eight more novels to date.

There was also a TV series that aired for three seasons called Spenser: For Hire starring Robert Urich and Avery Brooks. The Spenser stories follow a private detective in Boston named Spenser and his associate Hawk as they solve murders and other crimes.

Wonderland was the second novel published after Parker's death by author Ace Atkins. The synopsis said that Wonderland is about a man fresh out of prison who deals with murders and conspiracies in Boston.

Post Malone has enjoyed a great year in 2018, winning the Favorite Artist - Pop/Rock award at the American Music Awards and the Top Rap Song at the Billboard Music Award for "Rockstar."