Post Malone releases video for 'White Iverson' follow-up 'Go Flex'

After the breakthrough success of “White Iverson,” Post Malone has released a video for his new single. The “Go Flex” video, revealed on Thursday, follows the artist around his home state of Texas through warehouses and flaming trash cans.

The clip begins with a shot of Malone's high tops as he walks to his car. That cuts to a scene of him sitting in a quiet warehouse-type space playing guitar while smoking, with close-ups of his grill and chains as he sings and gives the finger to the camera. Other scenes take Malone outside by the remains of an abandoned building, with a woman draped in a Texas state flag.

The video transitions to night as Malone sings in front of garbage cans shooting fire while carrying a studded baseball bat that looks like something a villain in The Walking Dead might use. A pile of cigarettes is lit on fire before the clip concludes by returning to the quiet warehouse where Post plays his guitar.

The rapper-singer reveals his inner Jason Mraz on the song, which rides a chilled-out, acoustic vibe accented with gentle hip hop beats. It even features hints of country music, not surprising since he's based in Dallas and has said in interviews that he listens to some country. The song is mainstream enough to appeal to rap listeners as well as Justin Bieber fans, which is convenient since Post is the opening act for Bieber's Purpose World Tour for another four months.

What's the meaning behind “Go Flex,” exactly? Post told Fader, “'Go Flex’ is really just about stuntin, showing you got the sauce. It’s just about going out with your friends, turning up, feeling super cool.” Malone sings, “Man I just wanna go flex / Gold on my teeth and on my neck / And I'm stone cold with the flex / With my squad and I'm smoking up a check.”

The double-platinum success of “White Iverson,” which got all the way to No. 14, has built up the anticipation for Malone's proper full-length debut, which arrives later this year on Republic Records.