Powers makes live comeback with new music at Billy Ball benefit in LA
Lucas Villa / YouTube

Pop duo Powers returned to the stage in L.A. as part of the Billy Ball lineup. After a year away, the couple performed two new songs on Nov. 30.

Powers is a music duo comprised of engaged singer-songwriters Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru. Last year, Ru got the devastating diagnosis of thyroid and lymph node cancer in her neck. To allow Crista to recover, Powers withdrew from the music scene and put the Alpha album on hold. According to Powers' Instagram feed, she has been doing a lot better in 2018, making music with Mike again in the recording studio.

Powers was part of the lineup for the Billy Ball at the Globe Theatre in L.A. The benefit concert was headlined and presented by Charli XCX, Allie X and Dorian Electra with all the proceeds going toward musician Billy Clayton's cancer treatment. "It means the world to us that we were given this opportunity to share for the 1st time, songs that came out of navigating life with cancer to help Billy in his own battle against it," Powers wrote in an Instagram post.

Dressed to the nines, Del Rio and Ru took to the stage to perform "Through the Universe," the first song they made after Crista was cleared to record again. They adorably bopped around to the disco-inspired love song. "This is what the real thing feels like," Ru sang. Powers followed it with "Familia" (the Spanish word for "family"), a Latin music-influenced pop stomper. "Familia, come on dance with me / 'Cause it ain't that hard to do it when you're doing it with family," the two sang together. As encouraged by Mike and Crista, the audience acted accordingly to their invitation to dance.

"Through the Universe" and "Familia" preview Powers' highly-anticipated debut album. The duo has moved on from the Alpha material with the new inspirations and all they've experienced in 2018. Del Rio and Ru hope to be touring again by spring 2019.