Predictions for The Game Awards 2017
The Game Awards/YouTube

Video game lovers from around the world will be glued to the Internet to watch The Game Awards 2017, which will arrive at the Microsoft Theater tomorrow night. Aside from games, the show will include performances from platinum selling band Phoenix, who released their latest album Ti Amo back in June, and The Game Awards Orchestra, which is set to include cellist Tina Guo and Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Synyster Gates. With an impressive list of games up for nominations, including Horizon Zero Dawn and Destiny 2, we predict what games will walk away as the winners. Tickets for the event are still on sale here.

Best Independent Game, Best Art Direction - Cuphead

After a rousing clip was shown as E3 2014, people couldn't wait to get their hands on Cuphead. While it took three years to finally unleash the game to the public, it became a massive hit with one million units sold within the first two weeks. Its visual aesthetics already earned it the Best Visual Design award at the 35th Annual Golden Joystick Awards last month. 

Best Fighting Game - Tekken 7

Fans in North America waited eight years for the follow up to Tekken 6, and they weren't disappointed with the return of Bandai Namco's beloved fighting game franchise. Tekken 7 brought a massive crowd to EVO 2017; 1,200 people clashed to become Tekken champion, which was double the amount of last year. This is also the only game in town where you can clash with guest characters from Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, and The King of Fighters.

Game of The Year, Best Action/Adventure Game - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

As the winner of last year's Most Anticipated Game award, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had a lot to live up to this year. While people were a bit skeptical of the Nintendo Switch, footage of the game changed their minds. The game has earned the title of one of the greatest video games ever made, and with four million units sold so far, Breathe of the Wild helped propel sales of the Switch.

Best Multiplayer - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

At the time of this writing, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is still considered a Steam early access by its developers. This hasn't stopped this game from being one of the most buzzed about releases of the year. With over 20 million downloads worldwide, it's safe to say who will win the coveted chicken dinner in the Best Multiplayer category.

Most Anticipated Game - The Last of Us Part II

Many people didn't think The Last of Us would even get a sequel. The beloved 2013 game delivered a perfect ending for its two main characters. Set to be released on the PS4 next year, the sequel follows Joel and Elle five years after the conclusion of the first game, and this time, a new slew of characters will cross paths with them.