Premiere: Bowen find meaning and magic on 'All I Ever Do'

Rising country band Bowen reach universality by way of introspection and innovation on their shimmering new song "All I Ever Do." The guys embrace the timeless cool of John Mellencamp, raw magic of Coldplay and wistful nostalgia of Eric Church to craft a rapturous celebration of freedom, feeling and love. By imbuing traditional melody and instrumentation with unexpected sonic motifs and phrases, the band build a kaleidoscopic sonic landscape on which to tell a multi-dimensional story. 

"We tried to paint a relationship in a real light," frontman Will Bowen describes of the song. "One where there are concessions and sacrifices. But the kind where, even when we recognize those things, we still feel that none of that is worth more than the person we love. It's the happiest love song you'll ever hear on the surface but it's mixed with tension and angst. That's why it means so much to us." Take a listen to Bowen's "All I Ever Do" up top.