Premiere: Cowboy Blake Berglund is a 'Pretty Good Guy' with new video
Little Jack Films

Having grown up on a ranch in Canada, Blake Berglund is a real cowboy, and he shares his love of original country music on his new album Realms, which explores allegorical themes including chakras, philosophy and smoking pot. In a recent press release, Berglund describes his music as "Pink Floyd meets 90s country while expanding on the traditions of country music created by Waylon Jennings and John Prine."

Growing up tending to 200 livestock in his rural community, combined with his love of traditional country music, inspired Berglund to craft his own authentic, original music. His endeavors have earned him a Canadian Country Music Association nomination for 2017's Roots Artist Of The Year, and his side project with Belle Plaine earned a Duo Of The Year nomination from the Saskatchewan Country Music Association. Berglund is the current Saskatchewan Country Music Association's Roots Artist of the Year.

Berglund demonstrates his passion for original American roots country music on the album's lead single "Pretty Good Guy," which he tells AXS "begins the story. The character was inspired by a handful of close friends—the best of the best, and flawed. Everybody knows him and if he puts in the time he becomes a 'Good Ol' Boy.'"

Berglund, referencing his knack for original country music, explains that "emulating 70s country is en vogue, these days. I've always been slightly drawn towards that polished 90s twang—"Pretty Good Guy" taps into our inner Marty Stuart. It's Bryce [Lewis'] feel; there's no escaping it."