Premiere: Devon Braxton shares new single, 'Making Moves' from upcoming EP
Devon Braxton

Devon Braxton's music hails from the small town of Bloomfield, New Jersey. His exclusive new single, "Making Moves" is about growing out of his small town and realizing his true calling; music. He brings a unique approach to how he blends the genres of his music together. The single is a beautiful blend of R&B and pop. This single is the first and the title track from Braxton's upcoming EP, Making Moves, releasing this summer. 

Braxton has found inspiration from a wide variety of musical legends, mixing music with various genres that defies one single category. He has been inspired from the funky grooves of Prince, the appeal of Michael Jackson, and the amazing songwriting prose of Stevie Wonder. Braxton brings his own appeal with instinctive songwriting, with wit and style for his lyrics and music. 

Devon says that with with this premiere single he was "tired of sitting around waiting for miracles and waiting for someone to give me a chance. I realized if I wanted things to happen, I had to start 'making moves.'" 

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