Premiere: Kyle T. Hurley shares new single, 'Completely Clarissa's Crimes'
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Rock and blues musician, Kyle T. Hurley, has recently released his second album, KTH II. Hurley has many stories to tell through his music, blending genre lines, and receiving heavy inspiration from 90s grunge music mixed with a variety of country music styles. He's previously premiered his music on The Boot, AXS, Impose Magazine, and Vents Magazine. Although he is originally from Philadelphia, Pa., and has roots in Los Angeles and Nashville, Hurley currently resides in London, and travels all over the U.K. 

Hurley's new album, KTH II, is a stunning portrayal of his guitar playing prowess, and he shows no signs of slowing down; this is just the beginning of a long music career. While Hurley isn't currently touring, he's always performing, so be on the lookout for upcoming announced shows. Today, Kyle is exclusively premiering his new single, "Completely Clarissa's Crimes," which is a song about addiction.

According to Kyle, he tells AXS that "Completely Clarissa's Crimes" was inspired from knowing people with addictions. He continues with "some artists have problems with addiction and I've known people with these problems that I've met in big cities through the years. People move to the city because they want a fresh start or they are running from something, and get lost in the city. The addiction is their crime, and sooner or later they have to own that to escape it. As they commit that crime they fade away, and that's something Neil Young wrote about that I've always identified with. I made the song fade out at the end to symbolize their fading from life."

Hurley can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram