Premiere: Èpique shares new single 'Coachella/The Lobby'

Èpique, a West Orlando, Fla.-based hip hop artist whose last single, "Bang," garnered attention from tastemakers like MTV and The Source, has a familiar sound that will remind listeners of popular hip-hop musicians like Travis Scott. Èpique's new single is a two-part song, with "Coachella" being his festival anthem blending party rap and R&B, and "The Lobby" showcasing his lyrical flow. Èpique’s music is a cinematic, intense and pleasurable sound that is heavily influenced by overall hip-hop, integrating synthesized cadences of electronic music and the fluid vibrations of R&B.

The inspiration for this song came after a promoter in Orlando, Fla. hyped him up and told him he'd book him for shows and promote his music, only to ghost him later. Around this time, the Coachella 2017 lineup just dropped and it felt symbolic to Èpique because it's always been a dream of his to land the Coachella lineup. For him, it was about seeing a dream within reach and someone taking it away without your control.

Elaborating on the personal meaning the single has on him, Èpique tells AXS that "the purpose of this song was mainly to boost myself up after a let down I experienced. The approach is aggressive because I touch on the blasphemous nature of rappers. The song ended up working as a bridge towards the great music that's to come."

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