Premiere: Trio group, Planets, share stunning visual music video

The three-piece music group, Planets, is comprised of Matthew Morgan, Christian Haberkern and Tim Morgan. The trio originally set out to record an instrumental album, and then found Missouri-based vocalist Rae Ann Beauford, who was already a fan of their instrumentals, through YouTube. Over the next few months, Morgan, Christian and Rae shared files and ideas back and forth via e-mail, and began crafting what would be their dreamy, first single off of their forthcoming Colors Alive EP, "Reflections." The sleek, sentimental track addresses the painful reality of discovering one's personal shortcomings, and the difficulty in processing those discoveries before finding something to fill the void.

Morgan spends most of his time scoring films and television series, in addition to having his music scored for national ads, and additionally creates music under the name Stella Stagecoach. Matthew's ambitions are continuous, and with his new group, Planets, offering splendid visuals, and dreamy tracks, their musical path has only just begun. 

Planets are premiering their new single, "Reflections" from their upcoming EP, Colors Alive, and the story behind the single is interesting. Matthew Morgan shares with AXS that the idea behind the single resulted from a girl in his dream. He says that "one night I had a dream there was a girl singing a pretty melody. This was before I even found Rae Anna, the vocalist, or had any plans for an EP. I woke up and sang the melody into my phone. I still have that voice recording on my phone from that night which ended up being the verse melody for "Reflections." During the songwriting process, the rhythm changed, but that melody is still the core of the verse vocal melody. The song is so much about personal reflection, it's funny that it all started with a dream." 

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