'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon' The Super Live coming to PlayStation Theater 2019
CNEWS Matin/YouTube

Debuting in 1991, Sailor Moon became the biggest selling manga series ever with 35 million copies worldwide. Armed with a highly popular animated series, this quickly became a $5 billion franchise. Back in August, the series got a stage adaptation in Japan with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Super Live. Following its grand debut, the musical made its way to Paris for more acclaim. Fortunately, fans on the East Coast will get their chance to witness this grand performance.

The musical will take over New York City's PlayStation Theater on Friday, March 29 (8 p.m. start time) and Saturday, March 30 (1 p.m. start time and 5 p.m. start time). This will be the first time that a 2.5D musical has ever hit the United States. In Japan, 2.5D musicals are musicals based on popular anime and manga. 

The list of people taking the stage as the beloved Sailor Scouts are Tomomi Kasai as Sailor Moon, Momoko Kaechi as Sailor Mercury, Yui Hasegawa as Sailor Mars, Kanna Matsuzaki as Sailor Jupiter, and Yu Nakanishi as Sailor Venus. 

Tickets for these performances are on sale to the general public right now. If you're looking for a complete experience, the premium package includes early entry, an orchestra seat, high fives with the lead cast members, and a very special gift.