Primus side project Beanpole releasing rare recordings in August
Antonio Pinheiro

Rock Fans will get a chance to hear more original Beanpole music featuring band mates from Primus and the Spent Poets. As a side project of Primus, the new Beanpole recordings are scheduled to come out during the late summer of 2018.

The Beanpole project became a phenomenon as an avant garde approach to creating freestyle rock music. For Primus and other musicians involved in the project, the experience represented a musical playground for freedom of expression where making mistakes were welcomed in studio. The upcoming release will feature new experimental songs originally recorded live in studio during the late 80’s and early 90’s. Les Claypool and Larry LaLonde are featured musicians from Primus on the recordings along with members of Spent Poets, Derek Greenberg and Adam Gates.

The new set of Beanpole recordings will make their debut to music fans on August 31.

Check out this new Beanpole track here.