Richie Stephens is the master of accents with the bad boy charm.
Richie Stephens is the master of accents with the bad boy charm.
Provided by Richie Stephens

Hailing from the green ol' country of Ireland, Richie Stephens is an unknown rising star just waiting to be seen. He has the face and mastery of accents to fit into any antagonistic role. Recently he shot a film in Mexico called "Soy Nero," which is currently in post production at the moment. He is also in the new Hulu series "RocketJump", which is due to debut in the Fall. Let's get to know a little bit more about Richie Stephens:

AXS: What were you doing (how old) before you decided to pursue acting?

Richie Stephens: I was working in construction since I came to the U.S. but had a bad accident that ended my career. I did some modeling after that for a little while until I booked my first role. I went on a run of bookings after that and decided it was what I wanted to do. I had acted as a child in Ireland though.

AXS: What was your first role?

RS: My first role this time around was a German hit man in the short film "Credence". With a torture scene where I am tied to a chair. The response was positive. The footage led me to book more bad guy roles after that. I can speak German too and got to do it in the scene so I ended up booking some Nazi roles as well.

AXS: How did you fall into the bad guy typecast?

RS: I just have that look I guess. A bit of a mean face. The majority of stuff I play is bad guy or cop or army. Plus I'm tall and well built.

AXS: When did learning so many different accents first become easy to you?

RS: Accents have interested me since I was a little kid. If someone sounds different I become interested in replicating it. I have a good ear for it. Never took classes in accents. They are fun for me. Before I was acting I would do them all the time to amuse myself. This week I've been doing New Zealand a lot.

AXS: What was the hardest accent to master?

RS: For me certain ones can be difficult to master because I haven't spent enough time around people from those particular areas. Subtle ones like Chicago can be difficult to perfect for me.

AXS: What is your dream role?

RS: I like playing the roles I get at the moment. It's fun playing villains. But I would like to play some historical characters too. I'm a history buff so it would be fun to play someone of historical importance.