Questlove of The Roots shares tips on how to be more creative
Talks at Google/YouTube

The Roots drummer and co-founder Questlove is back with another interesting book titled “Creative Quest” where the astute musician offers tips on how to be more creative highlighted by stories from his own musical experiences and those of his musical idols and colleagues. Quest recently sat down with Rolling Stone Music Now podcast host Brian Hiatt to chat about the new book.

Some of the creative tips Quest detailed in the podcast include: 

“Don’t be afraid to talk to yourself.” Quest sites Michael Jackson’s writing notes to himself and Eminem talking to himself in the mirror in "8 Mile" as examples. 

“Emulate your heroes-no matter what it takes.” Quest tells an interesting story about Stevie Wonder, a turtleneck and playing the drums.

“Pay attention to the world around you.” Here Quest talks about how rhythm and music can pop up in places you least expect. The rhythms for the Bee Gee’s “Jive Talkin,” for example, came from the rhythm the band’s car made when they drove across the Biscayne Bay bridge in Miami. 

“Expand your interests with the times.” Believe it or not, Quest was skeptical of JAY-Z at first. But The Roots ended up backing Jay for his 2001 MTV “Unplugged” session. 

“Don’t overthink things-except when you probably should.” This tip deals with musicians’ need--perhaps unnecessarily--to reinvent themselves.

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