Latest album released this year
Latest album released this year
Photo Courtesy of Rachel Platten and Columbia Records

If you haven’t seen Indie Pop artist Rachel Platten live, March will be the month to remedy that situation. Rachel Platten’s “Wildfire” tour comes to Atlanta March 2 at The Loft at Center Stage. Oh, and in case you haven’t heard of her before, you might be mistaken. Platten has become the household name you weren’t aware of. With this in mind, you’d be surprised at her repertoire on the radio, the small and big screen.

Her ever growing Top-10 hits she has been putting out in the last 5 years, Rachel actually has product going back to 2003 with her first album. Still, you won’t catch her resting on her laurels as she has managed to stay busy with her music in other forums that has made her a perpetual force to reckon with. Despite the obvious comparisons with Taylor Swift, Jordin Sparks and Katy Perry, Rachel Platten is just starting to get off the ground with her music. Not that this is bad company, but to be fair, each of these artists songs have been about empowerment – female and male. Comparatively speaking, Rachel’s songs leave you embracing the hooks and humming the melodies. Whether visually elaborate as Perry and Swift, or simplistically visual as with Sparks, Rachel opts to focus on the laurels of the songs she sings. Both “Fight Song” and her latest “Stand By You” fit the bill, and both songs have been Top-40 hits. The main thread throughout empowerment songs is the emphasis on heavy orchestration, universal lyrical themes and integrated music genres. With the case of “Stand By You,” it’s the infusion of gospel and rock that makes it work.

As a performer, Platten’s commitment to her music has only been surpassed by her commitment to causes that enable her to bring the music to the masses outside of the common arenas of concerts and radio. She has developed her style after many years of honing her craft and immersing herself into ways of reaching her audiences from younger days.

Originally from Manhattan, NY, she grew up in Massachusetts. Playing classical music at age 5, singing in an acapella group in during her college days, interning at a record label in Trinidad post-college, these events helped set the foundation of a talent that had yet to burst onto the music scene.

Her first Top-24 single “1,000 Ships” happened in 2011 with her first album dropping the same year on the US Billboard Adult Top 40 chart. During that time, Platten’s music has been used for the small screen with “Work of Art,” which was the theme for the ABC Family TV program Jane by Design and the big screen The Good Guy which used the song “Seven Weeks.” Since then, her subsequent music has been used for shows such as VH1’a Basketball Wives, MTV’s Finding Carter, ABC Family TV show Pretty Little Liars. Recently, “Fight Song” has been used by Hillary Clinton as a Presidential campaign theme song.

She has been a staunch supporter of causes and charities such as Music Unites where she is an ambassador, the Musicians on Call organization singing for hospital beside patients, the Below the Line organization which calls for the end to world poverty, and the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. As lofty as these efforts are, it just proves to the world the level of concern she has for world humanity. The belief that being involved is proven to change things, Rachel Platten is one of those rare individuals that holds her beliefs in her heart and has no problem sharing them with the world. As always, music is the vessel and the messenger.