Radiohead teases 2018 tour dates

The release of 2016's applauded record, A Moon Shaped Pool as well as performances at Coachella, Outside Lands Music Festival and Glastonbury apparently weren't enough for Radiohead as they confirm today that new music and 2018 tour dates are in their future. Radiohead's guitarist, Ed O'Brien sat down with Esquire Magazine and confirmed that on top of his own solo album that's in the works, new tour dates for Radiohead are coming in 2018. 

Along with forthcoming tour dates, the band is one of many well deserving acts nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018. The band should feel honored to be named alongside music legends such as Rage Against The Machine, Nina Simone, Depeche Mode and Bon Jovi, but they don't seem too thrilled about the nomination by saying that "As a British band, it’s one of those things that it’s very lovely to be nominated, but we don’t quite culturally understand it. It’s a very American thing. Us Brits are very bad at celebrating ourselves."

If you haven't experienced Radiohead live before, we suggest that you look keep an eye out on for their upcoming tour announcements so you can truly understand what all the commotion is about. Thom Yorke and the gang are sure to be one of the hottest tickets in town in 2018, so take advantage of this opportunity to see these future rock and roll hall of famers live when they come to a town near you.