Radney Foster and Kyle Hutton raise foster-care awareness with 'The Foster EP'
Real Life, Real Music

Music is generally good for the soul. However, it can also be good for other things when an artist takes up a cause. Radney Foster and Kyle Hutton are using their talents for a good cause with The Foster EP. Specifically, they have teamed with Texas Foster Care to raise awareness and aid for foster families and adoption. 

The EP is inspired by the fact that Hutton (who himself was adopted) and his wife Tara became foster parents a couple years ago when foster families were in short supply in Texas. The EP is only five songs, but they are powerful songs. "A Place to Stay" is one that hits like a punch to the gut. The lyrics are about kids who are surviving on the streets. It's hard not to be moved when you hear the words of the chorus, "Right now what they need is a place to stay for a little while - where someone cares, where someone smiles." At the end of the song you hear songs about things like baseball games, graduations, etc. that kids might experience if only they get a place to stay. The duo also performs a version of "Amazing Grace" that is pretty powerful no matter how many times you've heard the song.

Buying this EP will not only bring you the enjoyment of the music. It will also help you join the very worthy cause championed by these two artists. All of the proceeds from the sale of The Foster EP go to support foster/adoption aid and awareness in Texas.