Reik rocks Oklahoma City with greatest hits on Des/Amor Tour
Lucas Villa / YouTube

Mexican pop band Reik brought the Des/Amor (Un/Love) Tour to Oklahoma City's Diamond Ballroom on Oct. 6. The global trek named after their 2016 album saw the trio deliver nearly two hours of hits. Quite contrary to the meaning of Des/Amor, Reik gave the fans plenty of love and they shared it right back. The concert felt like a celebration of the band's 13-year career that's still being bolstered by recent smashes. Reik has evolved throughout the years, but the guys are still just as eager to put on a fun and worthwhile show.

Reik is comprised of lead singer Jesús Navarro, guitarist Julio Eguía and electric guitarist Gilberto "Bibi" Marín. The trio came onto the scene with a self-titled album in 2005 and have been churning out hit albums and singles ever since. Like all music careers, Reik has hit some peaks and volleys, but the group's latest foray into reggaeton music has put them on the highest plateau with "Me Niego" featuring Ozuna and Wisin becoming a worldwide smash, including reaching No. 77 on Billboard's all-genre Hot 100 chart. As once again one of the biggest presences in Latin music, Reik has been touring the Des/Amor album since late 2016 and going strong. Their show in Oklahoma City was the latest incarnation of it.

Across five albums, Reik had a lot of material to comb through and pretty much gave the crowd almost everything. The group opened with the Spanglish dance track "We Only Have Tonight" before following it up with the electronic "Tu Mirada" (Your Look). The guys are known for their ballads, but they also had the crowd moving with their upbeat anthems. "Latinos know how to make noise," Navarro said in Spanish. And that the people did, especially for Reik's timeless ballads "Noviembre Sin Ti" (November Without You) and "Invierno" (Winter). Anytime Jesús pointed the microphone to the crowd, he received a loud response of fans singing the words back to him.

Navarro has one of the best voices in Latin music as evidenced by every Reik song ever recorded. His voice soars in the studio and for the live shows, he took it up a notch, holding onto sky high notes and flexing his crazy vocal capacity with ease, especially on "Creo En Ti" (I Believe in You), a song he singled out as one of the band's most special. They made the moment even more amazing by inviting opening act, up-and-coming Mexican band Matisse, to share the stage and sing along to "Creo" and "Vuele" (Return). Eguía and Marín were sights to see as well with the way Julio had joy across his face playing the guitar and how Bibi would lose himself in the music.

Reik has made it no secret about their trepidation into trying out reggaeton-influenced music, but as it's become a successful move for them, they celebrated it with one of the show's best moments, a medley of their urban hits. They launched into the remix of "Ya Me Enteré" (I Already Learned) that featured Nicky Jam then went into "Qué Gano Olvidándote" (What do I gain by forgetting you?) with Zion & Lennox. Their recent sexy smash "Amigos Con Derechos" (Friends with Benefits) featuring Maluma followed before rounding it out with "Me Niego." The trio held it down on their own without their collaborators.

To end the show, Reik fittingly performed their debut single "Qué Vida La Mía" (What Life of Mine) and turned the concert into a farewell party. Seriously, what kind of life the band has seen and taken on as the years have gone by and to see them revel in it all one last time on the stage was absolutely elating. Reik raised spirits and rocked the house that night.